About LHN

What is LHN?
Lubbock Homeschool Network (formerly known as Lubbock Homeschool News) is an online network for homeschoolers in the Lubbock area. LHN has several parts — this website and a Facebook group — that help local homeschoolers connect and share opportunities with each other.

Who can use LHN?
All local homeschoolers are welcome to use the LHN website and the LHN Facebook group, regardless of support group, religious, or homeschool style affiliation. LHN is inclusive and free to use.

Why is there an LHN Facebook Group when you have this website?
The LHN Facebook group includes all updates on upcoming events, resource websites, contests, scholarships. It’s easier to post opportunities to the LHN Facebook group than continually update major portions of the website.

In addition, the LHN Facebook group lets you put faces with names, chat with other homeschoolers, and keep up with recent announcements.

Why create LHN? Aren’t there enough groups already?
As homeschool moms, we’ve spent plenty of time trying to find teachers and classes, and been frustrated with finding an efficient way to let other homeschoolers know about the great opportunities available in the area. We envision Lubbock Homeschool News as a independent clearinghouse where you can find out about any and all events, classes, and homeschool support groups in the Lubbock area. We can put information from many venues in one place, when it wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

What can I contribute?
Please feel free to post the teachers and classes your students are involved in — music lessons, science, sports, etc, to the LHN Facebook group,. Plus, ask any homeschool specialty teachers you know to join the group and post their offerings.

To join LHN, you must be a homeschooler or seriously considering homeschooling as an option with your family.

Are there any restrictions to the classes I can list?
Classes and events listed may not be exclusive to one support group; in other words, you are saying that you allow any homeschooled student to attend your classes, regardless of whether they belong to specific support group or not. The only exception is that support groups advertising an open enrollment period on LHN may list opportunities they offer to their members.

Due to email harvesting from websites, the classes database is no longer published on this website. To access this information please join the LHN Facebook group.

Is LHN a support group?
That’s a hard question; LHN is not a traditional support group; it is an online network of homeschool families. We do host park days, field trips, a monthly homeschool skate, etc.

LHN does not have scheduled meetings, MNOs, co-op classes, or the like. For these activities, I highly encourage you to join a local support group (refer to those listed on the “Find a support group” page of this website.)

LHN is designed to give you a single place to find out what support groups, classes, tutors, sports, etc., are available in the Lubbock area and for you to share events, classes, etc., that you think would be of interest to other homeschoolers.

LHN is also a great place to ask for homeschool advice. It’s especially helpful to have feedback when looking for new classes and/or teachers.

We hope you find LHN useful!

Click here to join LHN on Facebook.

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