Lubbock Homeschool Lending Library

The Lubbock Homeschool Lending Library is open for browsing, check-out, etc. Kim Middleton and Betty Bell have been working hard to get donations organized and put where they can be browsed easily. Betty’s husband, Steve Bell, has set up an online database for the library. You can access and browse the database of library contents online at You can search for type of curriculum as well as the grade level you are looking for.

Please remember when dropping off curriculum that First United Methodist Church is letting the library use one of their classrooms as a huge favor. The church staff are busy with church operations and the library is not one of their responsibilities.

Because of this, if you have donations to make and cannot bring them to the library during the hours shown above, you cannot leave your donations at the FUMC reception desk. But Kim or Betty will be more than happy to make arrangements to meet you somewhere convenient at some other day and/or time to take your donations.

Hours of operation:
Temporary change Рthe library is available by appointment only and at special times that will be posted to the Lubbock Homeschool News Forum. When circumstances change, regular library hours will be reinstated and posted to this webpage and the Lubbock Homeschool News Forum.

If you cannot get to the library on either of these days, please give Kim or Betty a call and they will work out a time to meet you.

Method of operation:
Curriculum is arranged by grade level and subject and you’re welcome to browse. The first time you check out any items, you will be asked to complete an information sheet that contains your contact information, and you will receive and be asked to sign the library’s terms of usage.

Feel free to bring your children with you, but please make sure they understand that there is a lot going on in the building. They will need to stay with you in the library while you’re there. There is a small table in the room where they can sit and read, do homework, etc.

Directions to the library:
The library is housed in a classroom at First United Methodist Church in downtown Lubbock. The street address of the door where you will enter is 1520 13th St.

There is plenty of diagonal parking on either side of the street there or you can use the parking lot on the south side of the street. Please don’t park in the spaces marked “For Special Needs” unless you have the appropriate hang tag or license plate.

There is a circular driveway in front of the doors you will enter; this is not for parking, but only for dropping off/picking up. The street doors there are kept locked, so just push the gray button by the intercom speaker there and the receptionist will release the lock. When you go through the double doors inside the street entrance, turn to the right past the reception desk and proceed down that hall. Turn left at the first hallway and continue down that hall until you see a sign on your left that says “elevator”. Take the elevator to the second floor. Turn left as you come off the elevator, so to the last hall, turn right, and come to the last door on the left. There we are!

Donations needed:
The library needs donations! If you have donations, you can bring them to the library during operating hours, make an appointment to meet us there to drop them off, or we can meet you at a time and location convenient for us to pick them up. We also have a few consumables that we’d like to make available. These are items such as unused handwriting books, alphabet practice notebooks, etc. If you need something like this and it’s available when you come, feel free to take it. All we ask is that you replace it with something similar the next time you come in.

Bookcases needed:
If you have any you’re needing to get rid of, if you find one or more at a garage sale that you’re willing to pick up, if you know of someone we can contact who might have some, let us know! Shera Atkinson, one of the senior pastors at FUMC, is our contact for the library and has told us that we can put as many bookshelves in the classroom as we need.

Betty and Kim welcome suggestions, comments, offer help, etc.

Betty Bell
Phone: 438-5017
Email: bjbell22 AT yahoo DOT com
(Replace the AT with @ and the DOT with a period to get a working email address.)

Kim Middleton
Phone: 831-6006
Email: kimmiddleton15 AT yahoo DOT com
(Replace the AT with @ and the DOT with a period to get a working email address.)

About the library
The Lubbock Homeschool Lending Library was founded by Beverly Purrington, who dedicated her time to finding a home for the library and inspiring others to donate their used curriculum to benefit the homeschool community. Thank you, Beverly!